Oblikue Consulting was formed in 2005 as a service company providing consultancy, applied research and the development of exclusive instruments in the area of health economics.

Oblikue Consulting offers its consultancy services to private companies in the pharmaceutical and insurance sectors and to health authorities, such as the National Health System.

Oblikue Consulting is a limited company comprising professionals with a total of more than 100 years' experience in the area of health economics and market access.

Oblikue Consulting works in two distinct fields:


 1.  Economic evaluation applied to the analysis, evaluation and screening of medications and healthcare technologies for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We use economic evaluation methods (cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, and budget impact analysis) in parallel with clinical trials, observational effectiveness studies and simulation models to facilitate inclusion in the Spanish National Health System. 



 2.  Consultancy services using economic methodology and techniques to help health authorities define healthcare policies and to create market access programs fot the biotechnology industry.




Our mission, vision and values




 To provide services, products and tools to optimise the market access of new health interventions applying health economics methods to the pharmaceutical, healthcare technology and insurance sectors and to the public health authorities.



 To be a reference organization in the area of health economic and market access consultancy in Spain, and to establish a stable network of top-level collaborators designing tools that are widely used by the health economists of our country.


           Responibility     Methodological rigor    Client-oriented    Independence





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