Our experience...


Since 2005, our products and consulting services have contributed to:





P&R dossiers 

We have prepared over  80 pricing and reimbursement dossiers for new drugs (more than 25 orphan drugs) for the Ministry of Health, including pharmacoeconomic data.



Pharmacoeconomic models

We have developed over 25 pharmacoeconomic models that have been adapted for countries such as the UK, USA, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Italy and Romania.



"Real-world data" and observational studies

We have designed and participated in the real-world data studies and observational studies that have provided information on health outcomes and healthcare costs in over 3,500 patients.





We have published over 60 articles in PubMed indexed journals, making Oblikue Consulting the institution (public or private) with the greatest number of publications on economic evaluations of healthcare intervention in Spain  (see Catalá-López F et al. Coauthorship and Institutional Collaborations on Cost-Effectiveness Analyses: A Systematic Network Analysis. PLoS One. 2012;7(5):e38012.

See more publications by Oblikue Consulting.



Collaboration in defining health policies

We have participated in projects in the areas of screening, evaluation, funding and access to new medications, such as the preparation of guideslines and recommendations for conducting and presenting economic evaluations and budget impact studies for medications (GAEIP) for CatSalut or guidelies for defining criteria for the application of outcome-based payment strategies (OPS) in the pharmacotherapeutic area of Catsalut.

We have conducted public healthcare cost analysis studies (hospital, outpatients, and pharmaceutical) for regional health authorities, and we have designed innovative reimbursement models for new drugs and healthcare technologies (p.e., shared risk models, SRA), including the construction of financial consequence simulators in the adoption of SRA.




International scope

We have participated in coordinated market access projects for therapeutic innovations and medical technologies in the five largest European healthcare systems (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain). The experience of Oblikue Consulting in these areas includes the construction of economic models that have been adapted for various European countries and the USA. 





We have developed a database which includes over 40,000 data entries on Spanish unit costs filtred from more than 300 data sources retrieved from published articles, official health services tariffs of the Autonomous Communities, and discharge records from National Health System hospitals. The eSalud platform can be accessed by subscription.




Consultancy methods

Our consultancy methods are adapted to the needs of each client, offering personalized assistance to our customers, health authorities, and pharmaceutical companies in the generation of economic evidence on the therapeutic and economic value of healthcare interventions.

We use health economics methodology and techniques to help health authorities define healthcare policies and to create maket access programs for the biotechnological industry.